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About Us

     Who are we?  We are stewards of God’s Great Smoky Mountains area websites and other things we have been entrusted with of the Kingdom, along with some awesome brothers and sisters our Lord and Savior JESUS has crossed our paths with.  This project was, is and always will be made possible by our above mentioned Lord & Savior CHRIST JESUS, to reveal HIS and the Fathers Glory, and has made a way to promote HIS people diligently serving HIM from singing ministries, to Gospel recording studios, and everything in-between!      Words are not there to thank our Lord & God for using us to pass on Blessings helping promote HIS anointed brethren ministries, and is yet another example of HIS LOVE AND GRACE, allowing such as us to be a tiny part of co-laboring with the awesome brethren singers, ministries etc you will find listed here, not due to ‘our’ ability or talents or resources, but in SPITE of US <SMILE>…Liken to the awesome song: ‘That’s why I call it Grace’.      We also hope you have check-out our new Radio station -> Smoky Mountain Gospel which is growing every day, we started with a basic station, but after hearing the first couple ‘forced’ radio adds, we immediately decided that we could not have any part or lot with that content, and purchased a ‘professional’ version with NO forced adds, following the tradition of DiscoverTheSmokies.com, along with their massive ‘clout’ of 20,000+ pages of Smokies Specific company owned pages (more than every Smokies specific Chamber or Commerce’s, Dept, of Tourisms company owned pages PUT TOGETHER) with their THOUSANDS of unique visitors per day, they are THE undisputed source for ANY Smokies info anyone could possibly need.      So check back often as we add more and more features to HIS website, including our world-wide gospel internet Radio Station that will feature songs exclusively from brethren awesome singers and ministries that we humbly list on this website, along with whatever else HE leads and shows us how & what to do.  Thanks be to our Lord CHRIST Jesus, we also use to list folks that have been helpful here, but there have been so many, and the Lord is sending us more every day, and in order to keep from forgetting anyone, we simply now say may GOD BLESS all of you that help ANY ministry in ANY way, shape or form!      So what is next?  We (us) have no idea or clue, I reckon HE will let us know when HE is ready <BIG SMILE>, HIS awesomeness is beyond words, so we will not even try to describe it… Your brother in CHRIST JESUS, steve steve@AboutTheFathersBusiness.com

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