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     Doyle Moats was born August 30th, 1959 in Moyers, WV. He was raised by his mother Ruby and his grandparents Cameron and Gladys Moats. On June 5th, 1982 Doyle married Judy Pratt they had two sons, Doyle Jr or “Jr” and Wesley or “Wes”. Jr started playing the guitar at the age of 3 and soon began playing well enough to perform with a local group of musicians his dad played with, as lead singer and rhythm guitar player. Wes was around 7 when he decided he was going to join them. Wes started out playing the Bass and soon realized how much he enjoyed it. It didn’t take the Moats family long to figure out God had blessed them with a lot of musical talent. Jr and Wes began playing many other instruments besides the guitar totally by ear never once taking a music lesson. In 1999 the Moats family moved from Franklin, WV to Harrisonburg, VA. Jr met a young man by the name of James Kilgore;   Jr started showing James a few chords on the guitar. James learned very quickly. Between picking up chords from Jr and his father-in-law “Jimmy”, James became a very good rhythm guitar player.

     The Moats family began attending Word Ministries church and Jr. soon started playing lead guitar for the worship team. One Sunday the missionary pastor, Lucas Cook, was telling of how he was planning a trip to Africa and had put together a gospel concert as a fund raiser, but one of the groups was thinking of canceling and he did not know where he would get a replacement group. After service Jr. told pastor Cook how Doyle Sr, Wes and himself, played music and would be willing to help out. Pastor Cook took his number and 2 days later called and asked if Doyle would do the program. Jr. called on his friend James Kilgore and the program was a huge success. So on January 7, 2006 The Doyle Moats family realized God’s call on their lives was to play gospel music.

     One weekend in March, while doing a Tsamani Relief fund raiser with another group, Doyle was approached by a gentleman that had an interest in helping the Moats Family, record their first CD. This gentleman was Mr. Mark Payne who now has recorded the CD for the Doyle Moats Family and also plays steel guitar on the CD.  

     The Moats family’s whole life has changed.” We have learned that when you let God be the head of you life everything else comes together.” We all agree that: “the greatest words we can hear are when people tell us –how God touches their lives as they listened to us sing.” That is what it is all about, helping to win as many souls to Christ as we can in the time we have left on earth. Please keep us in your prayers.


Judy Moats
3017 Linville-Edom Rd.
Linville, VA 22834

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