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DOUG CONN is based out of Lufkin, TX.  The Lord arranged for me to meet brother Doug via a compilation disk.  Listening to uplifting song after song, then I heard eleven words that like a whirlwind, ‘whisked me back’ to the first 43 years of my life: “I was lost and wandering…through this life without a clue…” and for the next four minutes and thirty-five seconds felt like I was taking a journey hand in hand with Jesus himself.  Jesus was taking me on a journey made possible by a singers testimony which I have yet to meet in person, that Jesus had set up where I could ‘travel back’ (via brother Doug’s testimony on his official website) where I ‘saw’ the ‘five D’s <Smile>: Doug, his brother Darrell, and his three sisters Delores, Deborah and Denise gathered around a piano, where Doug’s mom and dad were receiving a blessing as they looked upon the five children that God had blessed THEM with, occasionally joining in the singing themselves, all along praying for their little son Doug, of which these prayers were effectively planting, and watering, what God Himself would honor and grant a ‘heavenly proportioned increase’ which I would experience years later as being a one-of-a-kind, anointed voice, as fine as I have ever heard in Gospel music today. We return to a five year old Doug that would soon be singing ‘specials’ in church, alongside another member of that church, a very, very special ‘chosen’  little girl his own age named Kathy, that God already knew would be the love of Doug’s life, and the mother of the 2 children that God would bless them both with, what in Doug own words describes being, quote: …the two greatest children anyone could have…”, named Brandon and Jennifer. 

     (I already knew what was about to happen two years later by the smile I could sense on Jesus’ face) Doug (now at the age of seven) would ask our awesome Jesus to be His personal savior, and live inside him to this very day (even as you read this).  But at the age of thirteen, the man whom Doug looked upon as being his invincible hero and leader, would catastrophically be ‘called home’ early one summer morning via a heart attack in their own home, where he is most certainly counting the days till he WILL hug his ‘little Doug’ again!  Imagine the amount of heavenly bragging going on to anyone that Doug’s dad can persuade to listen every time his little Doug picks up a microphone or each time one of Doug’s song is played! (I can envision every creature even remotely close to the proximity of Doug’s dad in heaven… anytime any of them hear: ‘those eleven words’ written above start to scatter HAHA)

     Then my ‘journey’ continues when Doug, because of mom entering in to a ‘questionable’ relationship, simply ‘transforms’ into the perfect living replica of The Prodigal Son all of us have read about in our Fathers precious word, which God allowed to happen. But around 1989, It appears that God decided that His Doug had an adequate dose of a joyless, peace less, thankless, Godforsaken EMBARRASSING world we now live in, and drew HIS Doug back into His will, and for a reason that only our awesome Father knows (possibly of which Doug’s Mom’s prayers and MORE possibly Doug’s dad relentless heavenly petitions HAHA) granted brother Doug a GIFT to be able to, by simply singing a song, be able to snatch the brother simply listening to a gospel compilation disk to not just be able to read a bio and hear a song, but be taken on this journey through Doug’s very growing up, THEN replay MY very walk prior to, and reliving the very moment I decided to serve Jesus every second I have left in My life, and the steps that led to the moment when after realizing the unimaginable suffering and price Jesus himself paid of which~> THAT DID IT FOR ME.

     How about you?  Why don’t YOU experience a very very special gift that God has given unto Doug Conn? I’m sure you’ve heard many many MANY gospel songs…are you ready TO BE ‘CAUGHT UP’ IN ONE???  Its really quite simple, clear your mind of the distractions of this world, clear your heart of every sin, and with that pure heart, close you eyes (I surely do not have to tell you to pick an appropriate time and place, but to eliminate some unGodly lawsuit I guess I better HAHA) sit back, relax, and when you are ready for your captain Doug Conn to start you on your Journey, pop in ‘captain Doug’s’ ‘MY GREATEST FRIEND’ cd, select the song ‘THAT DID IT FOR ME’ and when you are ready to depart, SIMPLY…PRESS….~> PLAY!

PS: I highly recommend that prior-to pressing ‘play’ that no one attempt this journey WITHOUT a full box of -> KLEENEX!!!!!!!

PSS: You will be taking the GRAND TOUR…I only shared my journey reading Doug’s Bio while listening to THAT DID IT FOR ME, IF I would have attempted to share the journey you WILL experience when playing ‘THAT DID IT FOR ME’, Jesus would surely come before I could get half way through the first verse <SMILE> 

Isaiah 40:30-31 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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