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Curt Collins has always had a song in his heart that would not be silenced. He says his mother told him that by the time he was six or seven he was singing all the time. Even as a youngster, he seemed to know that his real love was entertaining.

“As far back as I can remember, music has been a big part of my life,” says Collins, who explains that his parents listened to most of the music greats including Vickie Carr, Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole. “Music seems to be a part of my soul,” adds the resident of Little Rock, Arkansas. Adopted at the age of six months, Collins grew up in Forrest City, Arkansas in a loving family who encouraged him to follow his dreams. His mother’s ancestry was Spanish; his father’s German. Collins was introduced to the Spanish culture when his family would visit relatives in San Antonio, Texas. He loved the romance of the culture and its music, and learned to appreciate his family’s heritage. “My mother’s parents were from Mexico and my mother spoke fluent Spanish, as well as English,” Collins recalls. “Vickie Carr was my mother’s favorite vocalist and her Hispanic songs really touched my mom’s heart and influenced me at an early age. It was not unusual for me to hear my mother singing Vickie’s Spanish songs and me trying to join in as best I could. These childhood years were some great times. Both my mom and dad are gone now.”

Collins parents realized his interest in music and were very encouraging to the young man. “Anytime there was an opportunity for me to sing, my parents would encourage me to do so,” Collins says. “My pastor and other members of our church also encouraged me to sing, which only served to strengthen and fuel my desires.” Collins has played saxophone since he was in fifth grade and guitar since eighth grade. As a teen, he was in a rock and roll band. In college he was involved with a music ministry that performed every weekend at a local church. After college he formed a trio called Spirit Song and performed for an interdenominational healing service. After earning a degree in music from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Collins worked as a band director in both private and public schools. Although he loved working with the young people and inspiring them through music, when an opportunity came along to move into the financial services industry, Collins took it. He remained in that industry for nearly a dozen successful years, during which time he lost both his parents. After those losses, and because he still had a dream of a music ministry through Christian music, Collins re-evaluated his priorities and decided to leave the security of financial services to pursue the music ministry. During this time he also became involved in the prison ministry in Forrest City, Arkansas. “I guess you could say my priorities began to change,” Collins admits. “My father was involved in the prison ministry in Forrest City, and for years he would visit with the prisoners and talk with them. He became very involved with the Hispanic prisoners and got to know their hearts. A few of the prisoners I met then are still in prison today. Today, I participate in the prison ministry through Eddie Pena. It has helped me come to realize how much we have been blessed. With the blink of God’s eye, we could have been born in their shoes and our lives changed drastically.” Collins says he is dedicated to working with the prisoners as much as he can. Unlike his father, whom he says was a great listener, Collins brings the gift of music to the prisonerâs lives. He has already learned to sing one of the songs off his new album, “Pray For The World,” in Spanish.

“…you need to be able to speak their language…”
“To be able to communicate and touch the lives of the Hispanic people; you need to be able to speak their language,” Collins explains why he is brushing up on his Spanish. “My song, “Pray For The World,” which I sing in Spanish when I visit with them, is a universal song. It translates “Oren por el Mundo.” The Hispanic people are deeply religious and being able to communicate with them in their native language allows God to speak through me and touch the people who are hurting, lost or just need a friend. Communicating with them gives them hope and encouragement. It brings a great deal of comfort to them and to me. You could say we are doubly blessed by the gift of different languages. We all benefit from each other’s talents and gifts.” Collins has just recorded a new CD; his second since following his dream of a music ministry. Together with producer Michael Sykes and assistant producer David Ponder, both of whom have worked with the Gaither Vocal Band and the Oak Ridge Boys, he chose 10 songs that express his beliefs and faith.

“I have been privileged to get songs from some great writers,” Collins says. “Terry Toler and Tanya Goodman Sykes wrote the title cut, “Don’t Look Back Now,” and “He Knew” was written by Susan Ladd-Smith Humphreys. “Everybody’s Riding On The Same Train” was written by Kim Patton-Johnston. These are just a few examples of the great writers we were able to tap for the songs on the album.” Collins describes the project as a blessing, saying, “The songs on the project are truly gifts. My prayer is that God will give me the strength and courage to stand up for what is right and moral and be able to deliver what these wonderful writers have given me to take to the world. My prayer is just that God’s will be done.”

Collins says his family is behind him totally in his venture into full-time music ministry. “My wife, Bettinna, has always known how much I wanted to have this music ministry,” he explains. “Now that she sees it starting to happen, she is very excited about it. And my boys, Aaron and Colin, know about it but they just let it go.” Although he is working hard to make the music ministry happen, Collins keeps his family at the top of his priorities. Collins has coached his boysâ baseball teams in the past and has sponsored baseball teams at the Penick Boys Club in Little Rock. He continues to participate in his church’s activities. Collins is also associated with the Journey of Faith Family Mission, based in Morrillton, Arkansas. It is the ministry of Bob and Penny Lord, who moved their world-wide ministry to Arkansas a few years ago. “Their ministry is a huge success all over the world, and it has been my privilege to work with them at their conferences,” Collins says. He is also involved in Encuentro, which means encounter in Spanish, in Arkansas.

Collins is an honest man with a strong faith who believes it is necessary to not just sing the music, but live its message. “I hope that some day I will be remembered as an honest and caring man who was devoted to his family, and a devout Christian who was able to use the gift of voice that the Lord gave me.”


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